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Return Policy

return-policyWe employ the services of major third-party shipping carriers to deliver its products to you. These carriers include but are not limited to the United States Postal Service (“USPS”), United Parcel Service (“UPS”), and Federal Express (“FedEx”).

Please ensure that you provide us with a valid email address and shipping address. We will email you on the status of your order once it is shipped. YOU MUST contact us via email for ALL RETURNS. We will provide you the return address. If an order placed by you and is returned to us unclaimed or undeliverable, we will offer to re-ship the order to you at an additional cost. All returned items must be returned within one month. The Buyer to pay for returned shipping.



Catching up on reviews. I've been doing TCA peels for 7 months now. This is the only thing that has battled my extreme hyperpigmentation successfully. It takes time; but by educating oneself about the science of skin and the different products out there, being extremely mindful that this is an acid, being patient and just having common sense in skin care - I can honestly say I'm finding my results to my liking - and I love that I'm not paying overly priced clinic visits for something I can do on my own, in the comfort of my home. This product was shipped in a timely manner and was exactly as advertised. I have written an identical review for another TCA peel just one of a different percentage. I have no complaints.

Aimee H. from TX

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