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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What do TCA peels do?

TCA peels are medium depth peels, ranging from 15% to 30% strengths. Though their concentrations might not be as high as other chemical peels, TCA peels are considered much deeper peels than lactic acid and glycolic acid peels.

2.  What are the benefits of the other ingredients within the TCA products (Salicylic Acid and Organic Extracts)

The benefits of each extract and salicylic acid can be seen on the Extracts link, but in short, each provides its own unique benefit to enhance the overall effectiveness of TCA while reducing the recovery from TCA being utilized on the skin.

3.  What is the typical recovery from a TCA peel?

Depending on the individual, most recovery time after use is 7-10 days.

4.  What should be done after a TCA application has been performed?

As per our instructions, Apply Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamins and Minerals DAILY to speed up the healing process. We would advise againts any exposure to the sun, but if you decide to go out in the sun, distribute a small amount of sunscreen (SPF 30 or greater) to the areas that have been treated.

5.  Who should NOT utilize TCA?

If you are using Roaccutane (Accutane) or have used it in the last 24 months
If you are pregnant or lactatin
If your skin is prone to keloids (or raised scars)
If you have herpes simplex and/or are prone to cold sores
If you have undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments
If you are HIV positive or have AIDS
If you have under 18 years of age

6.  What are some of the side-effects of TCA?

Burning your skin
Persistent facial redness (erythema)
Skin pigmentation changes
Scarring or infection
Post-peel breakouts
Sun sensitivity

7 .  What strength should be utilized?

The strength should vary on the overall experience of the customer. If an individual has never utilized TCA before, it is recommended the lowest concentration be utilized (15%) along with a small patch test to ensure the overall effect of TCA is not too harsh for the individual. Increase in duration of the TCA being left on the skin can be increased along with the TCA concentration.


When I pay a lot of money for some decent TCA, I expect to get it. These folks don't skimp on anything. This is a mean TCA so if you are not used to it, don't use it until you work your way up. I'll be a return customer forever and ever!!! I did my first peel two days ago using the 30%. I've done 15%, 20% and now 30% (stop at 30% if you are using this on your face) Plus I've done lactic and glycolic peels of higher percentages to work my way up to this. The cool thing is I FINALLY see the melasma breaking up! There were a few tough spots that wouldn't budge, but this is taking care of that ;) It is going to burn like dragon pee and your are going to want to bathe your skin in ice water ... but hey! It's so worth it to me. I used their 15% around the eye area and the rest of my face I did with 30%. It's already starting to peel a bit! I'm using CeraVe cream, 50+ SPF constantly and washing my face twice a day with CeraVe hydrating cleanser. So far, so great! If you are in need of the real deal where TCA is concerned, I highly recommend these guys. I am in no way affiliated with them...I'm just a thrilled customer!

Melissa H. from NY

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